"FULL CIRCLE began with the realisation that Comet Halley will appear twice in my lifetime; once at the very beginning, and again somewhere towards the end. The duration of Halley’s orbit closely coincides with the length of an average human life. Linking cosmic and human timespans, the visualisation of a comet’s elliptical path illustrated within a simple image, brings a strange comfort. This exhibition questions the notion that life moves in a straight line, from here in the present moment out into the deep unknown. Like the cyclical trajectories of comets, the circular perspective presents an alternate view where a life is defined by a departure and a return. Exploring the human need to reduce complex structures and concepts into simplified symbols and visual representations, FULL CIRCLE takes shape in the knowledge that our fate is intertwined with the events and laws of the universe." Artist Statement

FULL CIRCLE is an exhibition of new work including objects and moving image that considers the length of a human life in connection to transitions and cycles in the cosmos; the circular, orbital, elliptical and eclipse. Drawing on historic astronomical diagrams, illustrations and manuscripts documenting the movements and appearance of comets, FULL CIRCLE loops between the earthly and otherworldly in an attempt to bring the human condition and cosmic forces into close relationship through speculative visual materials.

This project was supported by an Arts Activities Grant from ArtsACT. Photo credit: The artist & Jacquie Manning. 

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